2023-09-23 GUATEMALA

Provincial Meeting of Marist Catechists in Central America

The provincial meeting of Marist catechists of America Central was held on the first two days of September at Liceo Guatemala. The theme focused on growth as catechists. It was an experience of deepening and reflection on the catechist’s vocation and the different ways of communicating and transmitting the message of Jesus to young people in Confirmation and First Communion.

The exchange of experiences in the working groups was enriching. All those present, united by the same feeling, worked together contributing ideas and suggesting new things for their communities, focused on achieving a more dynamic and profound catechesis, centered not only on memorizing the themes of the catechism or the prayers but also on understanding and living the Sacrament as a fundamental part of life.

During the two days, the participants from the sectors that make up the province had the opportunity to share their experiences with catechists from the different communities of the participating countries, which allowed them to strengthen their vocation, create bonds of friendship, exchange, and trust, to grow and improve not only as catechists but also as a community.

“To be infected with the enthusiasm of others and to share with others has been to experience with one’s own life what Marcellin commands us: ‘that it should always be said of the Marists, as it was said of the first Christians: ¡ see how they love one another,” emphasized Sandra García, catechist at Liceo Guatemala.


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