2024-05-25 GENERAL HOUSE

The Gier 2024 Program begins at the General House

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The Gier 20424 Program, organized by the Marist Institute, will begin on May 29 at the General House. After their stay in Rome, the brothers from different administrative units will continue their formation itinerary at Notre Dame de L’Hermitage, France, from June 13 until June 27.

The animation team is made up of Brothers Tony Leon (Star of the Sea) and Ataide José de Lima (Ongoing Formation Team). They will be accompanied by Brother Directors of the Secretariat Brothers Today, Ángel Medina and Lindley Sionosa.

This will be the fourth Gier program which began in 2015. 63 brothers have lived this experience. It is designed for brothers who have made their perpetual profession between 5-10 years earlier. It is an experiential intercultural program to immerse into the reality of being a global Marist family.

The program offers the following opportunities:

  • live a strong community experience with Brothers of similar age and stage of life.
  • to journey as a global charismatic family with a variety of languages and cultures
  • witnessing to the fruits of the Holy Spirit through the universal Church
  • to know the animation of the Marist Institute and to listen to the spirituality of the heart that motivates the General Administration
  • to rekindle the Brother’s original passion for his vocation by visiting Marist places and recognizing the presence of Mary in the history of the Institute
  • to nurture confidence in each of the Brothers so that they may be passionate promoters of Marist life in all its expressions
  • to cultivate the sense of ongoing formation of the brothers at all stages of life.

This year 15 brothers will participate:

  1. Julius Ikenna Egbo – Nigeria
  2. Israel David Atakwu – Nigeria
  3. Patrick Banda – Southern Africa
  4. Sábado Valia – Southern Africa
  5. Dias Gemusse Dias Gemusse – Southern Africa
  6. Valerian Kalendelo – PACE 
  7. Jean Marie Vianney Ingabire – PACE
  8. Francisco Arnold – Brasil Sul-Amazônia
  9. Randriamihaja Jean Michel – Madagascar
  10. Harry D. Nyanti – West Africa
  11. Lawir Blaise Kuviyo – West Africa
  12. Danilo Ferreira – Brasil Centro-Norte
  13. José Sotero dos Santos Neto – Brasil Centro-Norte
  14. Fabrício Barbosa – Brasil Centro-Norte
  15. Dionesio D. Acosta Jr. (Jongjong) – East Asia

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