2021-03-17 GENERAL HOUSE

The innovative Marist Mission in our Educational Institutions – Message of the Marist International Mission Commission

“If there were here a school…”

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The third message of the Marist International Mission Commission draws on the words of Marcellin Champagnat to address the topic of Marist educational institutions: “How much good [we] could accomplish here if there were a school!”. The reflection, made on behalf of the Commission, comes from Frank Malloy, from Australia.

The message underlines that the “Marist educational project develops the integral formation of children and young people allowing for an education of academic quality and formation in values.” In addition, it realizes “that the organization of a dynamic global network of the schools can provide an effective model for innovation and improvement.”

Some topics of the Message are:

  • Supporting a culture of innovation in education
  • Educating in this post-modern & post pandemic world
  • Journeying in education with new perspectives  
  • Acting as a global educational family to pursue the new dreams for our mission
  • Recommitting to the Vision of Saint Marcellin

The International team, made up of Brothers and Laity, took on the task of reflecting on the centrality of Marist mission in today’s world. In January the first message was published: “The pandemic and our Marist mission”. Then, in February the second: “Leadership and our Marist Mission”. Each month, a member of the Commission will contribute a new reflection.

Read here the full message: English | Español | Français | Português


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