2022-05-17 MALAWI

The Marist Global Network of Schools comes home to Marist Secondary School

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together” (African proverb)

The 6th May 2022 marks a milestone in the history of Marist Secondary School in Malawi when the Assistant Director of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization; Brother Mark Omede officiated the launch of the Marist Global Network of Schools among members of staff and students.

The school organized this special event in order to raise awareness about this new initiative of the Institute that brings to birth the network of schools as one practical way of inviting Marists of Champagnat to journey together as a global family.

The school community is excited with the project and looks forward to benefiting from the inherent outcomes of this global Marist network.

Among others, the school hopes to benefit from the best practices of other Marist institutions. Additionally, the school is keen to participate in the promotion of innovations in evangelization and education in view of providing quality holistic education to the youth. Random feedback from students after the presentation showed that many students are very excited about the network because it will open many opportunities for them to interact with fellow Marist students in other parts of the world which will help to broaden their horizon and bring about mindset change.  The school promised to be an active participant in the activities of the network.


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