2007-02-14 GENERAL HOUSE

The ?Master plan for the Hermitage? at Rome

On the 2nd February, feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple and the purification of Mary, the architect Joan Puig-Pey, director of the master plan for the Hermitage, was present in Rome to present to the General Council the project of architectural works that his team at Barcelona has developed.

The General Council listened to and watched the presentation during one of its usual work sessions that it is currently having. After this presentation, the pathway that the master plan is going to follow will be the following: Study of the proposal by the General Council and the Provincial Council of the Province of L?Hermitage who together will give the final approval of this master plan. Once this plan has been approved, the architects must produce their definitive design which will lead to the final construction.

After having presented his works to the General Council, the architect Joan Puig-Pey and his co-workers, acceding to the requests of the General Administration community, kindly agreed to once again explain the results of his studies and his proposal.

The model, in which the main aspects of the work on the property and in the constructions adjacent to the house built by Champagnat making it a Marist sanctuary were concretised, aroused great interest. The view of the model took shape by the projections of plans which determined the space and functions of the house.

It is now a matter of waiting for opportune decisions, according to financial costs, legislation and real possibilities that will allow for the effective decisions in order to realise what is still only a master plan.


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