2011-12-30 KENYA

The Prophetic Role of the Marist Brother today in Africa

Exactly at 8:30 the members of the General Council and the members of the Councils of the five Administrative Units of Africa (the Provinces of Africa Centre-East, Madagascar, Nigeria, Southern Africa and the District of West Africa) began the Extended General Council for Africa. This meeting which will continue until December 30 is taking place at the House of the Little Daughters of Saint Joseph, located near the Marist International Center.   A total of 38 Brothers, coming from the different countries that constitute the Marist presence in Africa (with the exception of Algeria which is part of the Hermitage Province) have gathered with the Superior General and the members of the General Council.

After the opening presentation we began a reflection on the prophetic role of the Marist Brothers in Africa. This reflection, however, had already begun during the process of formulating the region’s letter sent to the XXI General Chapter.

In table conversations we explored and shared about what each of us considered to be the heart of our call as brothers. Subsequently each table group tried to express  what it shared through drawing a mandala. In the afternoon the groups explained the significance of its mandala’s design. This gave us a frame of reference to deeper a reflection about the strengths and challenges facing Marist life on the African Continent.

One of the most frequently mentioned concepts was the importance of deepening in ourselves the centrality of Christ as the source and reason for our life and mission. Africa is a continent young in many ways: on one hand, a large number of young Brothers (at MIC, the Center of post-novitiate formation, there are actually 102 Brothers) that form some Provinces with great energy and a young average age; on the other hand, an overflow of children and young people in all the societies that make up the continent, with evident challenges for the Marist mission. Without allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by the more superficial aspects of this reality we believe that only from a heart strongly anchored in Christ, lived in the way of Mary, will it be possible to give adequate responses with the consistency and strength necessary to transform the most urgent realities.

The day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist where we placed all that we had received during the day and also all that will emerge in the following days into the Lord’s hands.

Nairobi, 27/12/2011




1 – Valentin Djawu
2 – Albert Nzabonaliba
3 – Charles Nzabanita
4 – Hosea Mugera
5 – Straton Malisaba
6 – Teodoro Grageda


7 – Thomas Randrianantenaina
8 – Michel Razafimandimby
9 – Pierre Joseph Rasolomanana
10 – Raymond Razafimahatratra
11 – Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa


12 – Joachim Ezetulugo
13 – Celestine Okoye
14 – Chima Onwujuru
15 – Mark Omede
16 – Matthew-Mary Ogudu
17 – Paul Angulu


18 – Joe Walton
19 – Felizardo Maceia
20 – Fortune Chakasara
21 – Jude Pieterse
22 – Nicholas Banda
23 – Tomas Sawayenga
24 – Patrick Bwalya


25 – Sylvain Yao
26 – Daniel Taylor
27 – Francis Lukong
28 – Tata Oliver Tunka
29 – Vincent de Paul Kouassi


30 – Emili Turú
31 – Joe Mc Kee
32 – Antonio Ramalho
33 – Ernesto Sánchez
34 – Eugène Kabanguka
35 – John Klein
36 – Josep María Soteras
37 – Michael De Waas
38 – Víctor Preciado


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