2021-06-01 SPAIN

The Province of Compostela conducts a webinar on Experiences of Leadership

To adapt our leadership to new realities, “we have to take steps to release the hidden potential in each person that comes to the surface in contexts of crisis and difficulty, such as the pandemic “, said Br. Oscar Martin, General Councillor, during his intervention in the webinar “Experiences of Leadership that Inspire”. The event was organised by the School of Marist Educational Leadership (ELEM) of the Province of Compostela and took place on 26 May.

Among the speakers were also Pedro Huerta (Secretary General of Catholic Schools) and Montserrat del Pozo (Superior General of the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth).

The aim of this second webinar was to develop the leadership skills of people from Compostela Province, as well as to conduct a motivating and inspiring meeting drawing on the personal and professional experience of leaders in the world of education.

Br. Oscar spoke about the role of leaders and how leadership has had to adapt to new realities. “The pandemic has taught us some things, and also, fortunately, it has also caused us to unlearn some things. We should not just look at what we have had to learn. We have had to unlearn some prevailing assumptions, some ‘know-it-all’ ways of acting, maybe relying too much on our strategic plans and too little on the potential of the ordinary teacher. Such unlearning can be helpful as we face the future, including the role of leadership.

In this perspective, we can note the potential that has surfaced in individuals, in teams, and in schools during the pandemic. There have been some really striking experiences. I believe that encouraging such potential is the way forward.

What do we do with those who are resistant to change? “Well, on the one hand, love them a lot, but on the other hand, make them face the truth”, said Br Oscar towards the end of his remarks.

You can access each of the webinars through the YouTube channel of Maristas Compostela.


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