2005-11-29 SPAIN

To form in order to continue giving life

From the 4th to the 6th November, a meeting of pastoral ministers from a sector of the Province of Mediterránea took place in Córdoba in Spain. According to the participants themselves, the motive of the meeting was ?to meet so as to be renewed in our vocation as animators and catechists, and to be formed in our mission of evangelisation of the children and young people in our works.
During these days, nearly one hundred participants from four Marist colleges formed three work groups.
The first group was interested in group dynamics and resources. The thirty-seven animators who took part in this and who work with pre-adolescents developed activities: games, songs, animation resources, etc.

The second group worked on children in our groups: conflict resolution. This group was chosen by twenty-seven animators who accompany boys in secondary school. They made an analysis of the situation of these boys in an anthropological, psychological and Christian perspective.
The last group asked: What is the future of our groups as communities of young Christians? Twenty-nine catechists and co-ordinators who work with groups at the senior school level and university level were inspired by the evangelical texts of the Annunciation and blind Bartholomew to analyse their situation.
The work was led by a team of formators, including brothers and laypeople who work with us. This meeting was part of the formation plan of animators and catechists of the Province of Mediterránea. This plan consists of three annual stages of formation; these initiatives also allow animators to exchange experiences as well as sharing their life and their personal journey.
In prayer, the collaborators gave thanks to God for their vocation of animator and of catechist. The Eucharist on Sunday the 6th November closed these days which had been an enjoyable time for all.


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