2011-11-14 GENERAL HOUSE

Viewing the world through the eyes of a child

Following our custom of recent years, we approached a number of our contacts in various provinces for personal testimonies from children and young people on the theme of non-discrimination, which relates to article 2 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This year's Advent prayer book contains manyFMSI stories that highlight the myriad ways in which discrimination displays itself. For some, the painful experience comes through very strongly and even now the wounds are still strong. We ask you to pray for the person whose story occurs in the booklet from one day to the next. In a few cases we have used a pseudonym to protect the individual, instead of using their real name.
We are extremely grateful to all the children and young people who have contributed to this year's Advent Prayer Booklet and we thank our contacts around the globe who have supplied these stories:

  • Argentina – Mónica Linares
  • Australia – Alison Baker and Gavin Dykes
  • Brazil – Claudia Laureth
  • Cambodia – Br Darryl Slater
  • Columbia – Br Carlos Alberto Rojas Carvajal
  • Kenya – Br Felix Muwawa
  • Kiribati – Br Chris Poppelwell
  • Pakistan – Br Noel Fonseka and Br Kamran
  • USA – Br Dominick Pujia

Our hope is that you may become more familiar with the Convention of the Rights of the Child as you use this prayer book and that you become more aware of the plight of many young people who suffer discrimination on a daily basis. Your prayers for the young people who appear in this booklet will be greatly appreciated.

Br Jim Jolley, Editor


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