2022-04-25 BRAZIL

Young people are actively participating in the International Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation

As part of the local activities of the International Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation, the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul is promoting the participation of the Laity.

The first meeting took place on March 19 and was attended by fifteen members from different cities. The meeting covered topics related to spirituality, shared life and apostolate. Some calls have already emerged, such as the importance of spiritual accompaniment of youth groups, together with the need to understand the experience of young lay people with all their particularities. Two more meetings, in April and May, will complete the process.

Those responsible for accompanying and guiding the vocational journey of young people also accompany the laity of the fraternities of the CMMF.

“We are studying various themes of the International Forum. We discuss each proposed theme and seek to better understand this movement of which we want to be a part. I hope to be committed to the Marist vocation and charism, exchanging knowledge and experiences at all times, as well as experiencing the laity in Marist groups, in the Church and in society,” says Karla Dallagassa, from Curitiba.

“I believe that the Forum and the debates help us to explore little-known paths in the history of the Church and the Institute, always seeking the essence of being authentic followers of Christ, with the gaze of the Good Mother in this complex and challenging world,” commented João Gabriel Sedrez, from São Paulo.

“I hope that the Institute will promote the young lay Marist vocation, as well as that young people will be able to commit themselves to this call,” said Flávia Meirelles Israel, also from São Paulo.

The Province has scheduled a meeting at the provincial level for June 4, in Curitiba. On this occasion, the role of the laity in the mission will be discussed in depth. In addition, representatives of the Province will be elected to participate in the Forum meeting in Rome in November.


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