2019-08-07 AUSTRALIA

Austin (Osmund) Redden


Time of Death:

Over the past 12 months there had been signs of forgetfulness, then about five weeks ago, Austin had a fall in his bathroom.  On arrival at the hospital, the doctors and nurses found him confused and physically weak.  He underwent a variety of tests and a CT scan revealed marked changes in his brain consistent with dementia.  It was clear that he was now in need of high level nursing care.  He oscillated between periods of being settled and cooperative and periods of being agitated and difficult requiring sedation.  On Tuesday [April 23] he was found to be unresponsive and breathing rapidly.  It was determined that he was in his last days and after receiving palliative care he died peacefully on the afternoon of April 25.

At the time of his death, Austin was 86 years of age and in the 68th year of his religious life.

Family Details:

Date of Birth: July 7, 1926.
Place of Birth: Glenelg – South Australia.

Schooling and Initial Formation:

· Postulancy: January 1, 1945 – July 1, 1945.

· Novitiate: July 2, 1945 – July 1, 1946.


·  First Vows: July 2, 1946: At Mittagong.

·  Perpetual Vows: January 1, 1952: At Kilmore.

·  Stability: December 31, 1963: At Kilmore.

Ongoing Education and Formation:

Following his profession Austin received his Certificate of Registration as a Primary School Teacher.  Then began a teaching career spanning almost forty years.  During that time he also qualified as a Secondary Teacher.  His only break was his participation in the Second Novitiate in 1966.


Community and Ministry Appointments:

Austin’s ministry as a Brother was the classroom.  Beginning as a Primary Teacher he later switched to secondary schools and on four occasions he was appointed to the position of Superior and Principal [Bunbury, Thebarton, Wangaratta and Camberwell].  His skills were recognised and from 1965 – 1969 he was appointed the Schools Supervisor for the Melbourne Province.  He loved teaching and all that took place in the school setting.  The students recognised this and responded in a very positive way. 


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