Montagne Experience – Father Champagnat moved in haste!

class=imgshadowIf Fr. Champagnat had not moved in haste to do his pastoral work young Montagne would have died without knowing the truths about Religion and God. Father Champagnat arrived in this lad’s house right on time to catechize him. When Champagnat left to go and attend to other sick parishioners we hear that he learnt with deep sadness that the young man he had catechized had passed on. His consolation was that at least the young man had died knowing that there is more to life and there is eternal life and that God loved him. By virtue of his apostolic zeal and compassionate for the needy young people Fr. Champagnat automatically becomes the First Principal Patron of all Marist Youth Ministers and a source of inspiration to all of us.

How many young people are dying without knowing God? We all know how Father Champagnat answered this question. We read after this experience Fr. Champagnat was more determined to start the Society of Mary (Little Brothers of Mary) to educate young people and to teach them catechism. In the footsteps of St. Marcellin Champagnat we continue carrying on the spiritual legacy and heritage he bequeathed us. Marist Youth Ministry Nyanga, Zimbabwe has embarked on various initiatives to continue making Jesus known and loved especially among the young people from different walks of life. As you will read in this issue many young people are very passionate about sharing Champagnat’s charism which as we all know is a gift to the entire Church.

From Marist Youth Ministry Newsletter – Nyanga High School – Zimbabwe


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