2022-11-21 GERMANY

Why being a Marist brother today?

Br. Bernhard Seigel – Furth, Germany

The General Council has proclaimed a Year for Marist Vocationsfor the period from 20 May 2022 to 6 June 2023. There are two ways of life for following Jesus as Marist: as Marist Brother or as lay Marist. In both ways we together are committed as Marists to the “matter of Jesus”. I would like to take a closer look to the way of life of the Marist Brothers: Why being a Marist Brother today?

At the beginning I want to describe our living in community: we pray together, we work together, we celebrate together, we present to each other our diversity, our abilities, we help each other and console each other. And we want certainly always to forgive each other.

In our personal prayer we ask ourselves: “What does God want from me today?” We also pray a lot for other people. The laity, because of their professional duties, do not have as much time to pray as we do. We also pray in their place and for them. It is not always easy for us to find the right balance between prayer and work.

We have our possessions in common. “They shared everything they had” (Acts 4:32). By our life without personal tenure, each brother has access to the common possessions and facilities. We love a simple lifestyle.

As consecrated men we give ourselves at God’s disposal with our whole existence. In obedience to our superiors, we work where we are really needed. Our superiors have a greater overview of the needs than we do. In this way, obedience gives our lives a higher sense.

This kind of our total commitment of self-giving to the service for God, the willingness to be available and mobile to everywhere, to change our place of work as needed, this is only possible without marriage: we live in celibacy. By the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience we try to become like the virgin, poor and obedient Jesus. Our way of life wants to be a testimony of the Lord.

It may seem harsh to break away from relationships that have become dear to us when we move, but we are given the gift of Holy Mass every day in all our local communities. We may receive the Lord in the Holy Eucharist. It is a great gift and gives us strength for the day. Whoever receives Christ will be transformed, will be transformed into him.

Our model is Mary. In the same way as she said “yes”, we too want to say “yes” to God’s plans for us. Mary shows us the way to Jesus.

Our founder, Saint Marcellin, had many visions. We want to make these visions a reality. For him it was very important: every child has its own personality and dignity. In education, we have to take time for the children, explaining them instead of beating them. We are in special ways concerned about the most disadvantaged, the marginalised. We want to be witnesses of hope for them, courageously arouse the world and radiate joy.

The life as Marist Brother is a real option. In my prayer I ask the Lord if he wants this for me. Do I hear the silent call of God?


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