2023-05-30 GENERAL HOUSE

Second edition of Servant and Prophetic Leadership Program

On May 30th, the second edition of the Formation Program on Servant and Prophetic Leadership was launched, aimed at the English and French speaking public, promoted by the General Administration of the Institute, in collaboration with Notre Dame of Marbel University in the Philippines.

The first edition, with 61 participants from 19 countries, was held in 2022, in collaboration with the PUC of Porto Alegre, Brazil, for Portuguese and Spanish speaking Marists.

The course is intended for leaders of Marist Administrative Units who work in the strategic areas of mission development, and the second edition has 46 participants in the online phase and 36 in the face-to-face phase.

The objective of this formation program is to prepare Marist leaders, from the perspective of the Servant and Prophetic Leadership, for a conscious mission (education, evangelization, children’s rights, governance and management with empowerment), adapted to the current contemporary trends and emerging needs.

This program is an initiative of the General Administration in response to the call of the 22nd General Chapter to develop servant and prophetic leadership accompanying Marist life and mission.

The participants will have a first phase online and a time face-to-face. The online phase will be delivered from May 30, 2023 to October 07, 2023. The face-to-face phase will commence on October 23, 2023 and conclude on November 03, 2023 and will be hosted by the Notre Dame of Marbel University in the Philippines.

Program’s content

The Marist Leadership Formation Program will be based on the content of the book “Marist Voices” presented during the General Conference 2022. The program is distributed in the following blocks

  1. Servant Leadership: Introduction, concept and characteristics
  2. Servant leadership, innovation and change processes
  3. Servant leadership and community building (communication and interpersonal relationships).
  4. Servant leadership and project development (processes and tools)
  5. Leadership, new normality and networking
  6. Servant leadership, “foresight” and strategic planning
  7. Leadership and co-responsibility (indicator-based evaluation)
  8. Servant leadership, ethical and moral foundations (ethical responsibility)
  9. Servant leadership and sustainability.
  10. Servant leadership: education, mission and pastoral care
  11. Servant leadership, spirituality and charismatic identity.


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