2005-12-05 AUSTRALIA

Bacteria, rather than stress, is the main cause of stomach ulcers

It was recently announced that the 2005 Nobel Laureate for medicine has been jointly awarded to Professor Barry Marshall and Doctor Robin Warren for research undertaken at the University of Western Australia. They discovered that bacteria, rather than stress, is the main cause of stomach ulcers.

Both medical researchers endured more than ten years of hostile criticism and painful ridicule from the entrenched medical establishment: the AMA, the Royal College of Surgeons and other interested parties. Undiscouraged, Professor Marshall continued to insist that in the great majority of cases stomach ulcers could be effectively treated by a simple course of antibiotics. He felt compelled to demonstrate this by deliberately ingesting infectious bacteria causing him to develop the ulcers, which he then successfully treated exclusively by antibiotics.
Nowadays, by the breaking down of the mythology of stress as a major cause, and by the simple treatment he has championed, the severe health threat posed by stomach ulcers has been massively reduced. Today Barry Marshall is the highly honoured Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia.

Barry was a student of the Brothers from 1959 to 1968; he attended our Marist College in Perth, Australia, enrolling at the age of eight years at the junior school campus at Subiaco, and proceeding to the senior school campus at Churchlands where he completed his University Matriculation, after which he began his studies in medicine.
Bob and Marjorie, Barry?s father and mother, were great supporters of the college and of the Brothers in those years. They continue to keep in touch.
Recently Barry spoke fondly of the many Marist Brothers and outstanding lay teachers who guided his education: names that came immediately to mind were Brothers Joe Heinrich, Cletus Read and Des Crowe, who were the college principals during his time, as well as Mr Peter McGowan, his enthusiastic chemistry teacher. Barry spoke warmly of the Marist spirit and of the loyal friendships that began in his school days and endure still.


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