2020-04-28 GENERAL HOUSE

COVID-19: Each one is responsible for everyone and everything

We invited the superior of the Marist Administrative Units to share with us what they are learning with such a situation.

Read here more about the COVID-19.

What are we learning from the covid-19 crisis? (4)

Canada – Br. Gérard Bachand, Provincial

We all ask ourselves, “What will our society be like after the storm?” We find a lot of reflective texts from all walks of life. Religious groups yes, but also philosophers, scientists, artists share their questions and reflections with us.

Will we be able to put people first when the economy recovers? Should we think about “demon-globalization”? In order to rediscover the values of proximity.

Mediterranea – Br. Juan Carlos Fuentes, Provincial

The first thing that this situation has demonstrated is the human and professional quality of the educators of our province, their commitment, their concern for our children and young people, their capacity to face difficult situations.

Furthermore, the experience of this pandemic is helping us to be creative in developing our educational work to look after our students and users of our social works, to be close to them and help them to continue learning but, above all, to live through this exceptional moment.

If at this time you have helped us to be creative in our educational work, , you will  continue to help us to be in solidarity and to look for ways to help those who suffer most from the economic consequences of this pandemic. And this solidarity will be within our works and will also be dedicated to those outside.

Mexico Central – Br. José Sánchez Bravo, Provincial

We have the opportunity to make contact again with a part of our lives that is usually absorbed by the avalanche of activities to which we are accustomed:  RETURNING and BEING AT HOME, with our communities or families, to take up again the possibilities for silence and interiority; to value the importance of many of the daily relationships in our lives, to encounter more calm in the spaces of community prayer, at mealtimes….

We have the opportunity to experience essential aspects of our human life and our charism. We hope that this will become a learning experience that will reconfigure our lifestyles and choices.

West Africa – Br Cyprian Gandeebo, Superior District

This story reminds me that COVID-19 is a storm which has brought untold fear, worry and uncertainty to humanity. I am, therefore, encouraged to trust in Jesus even amidst a stormy COVID-19. Jesus will certainly take us through the stormy waters. It is also certain that the pandemic will come and pass like other plagues. More so, Jesus has encouraged us not to panic, for God is a faithful God. He will never abandon us to the epidemic. I am so certain of this because, as Don Moen sings, ‘God will prepare a way for us, where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see …’.

Norandina – Br. Diego Antón, Vice Provincial – Venezuela

As Marists and therefore as people in the midst of the world who follow God’s project offered by Jesus of Nazareth:

  • We continue to trust in God. God is with everyone. We listen to God in this situation that tells us: will the values of the Gospel, the paradigms, looks, attitudes of the Gospel mark the actions taken?
  • We are men, limited and with the possibility of becoming ill.
  • Goods are for a dignified life for all, but few have many. Are those best served by the Coronavirus the richest, those who hold power, the famous?
  • We are a unity (global), we are part of the world, we are brothers of all, we are integral ecology.
  • Each one is responsible for everyone and everything: universal fraternity and global communion.
  • Global solidarity continues to call and to invite sharing, but… there are gestures that speak of it, but many that do not.
  • It is possible to break down frontiers in order to think as one single land, where we are all brothers and sisters.
  • The call to universal brotherhood and the sharing of goods (money, knowledge, research, help…)
  • The good practices of some are copied by others. It is better to share, not to compete.

Australia – Br. Peter Carroll, Provincial

Human compassion, dignity, freedom, respect and forgiveness have even greater resonance today as we fight this terrible disease.

How we care for and support the most vulnerable in our community is the test of our humanity in times of crisis.


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