2021-06-07 GENERAL HOUSE

First meeting of the team for the revision of the document: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF MARCELLIN CHAMPAGNAT: A Vision for Marist Education Today

About twenty-three years ago, we celebrated the birth of a new document “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF MARCELLIN CHAMPAGNAT: A VISION FOR MARIST EDUCATION TODAY. This Important document on the education mission of the Institute has been used by Marist Educators around the world to serve children and young people enriched by the history, stories, and practical field experiences since the foundation of the Institute to the present day.

With the passage of time, principles and practices needed to change and be adapted to the current trends and events in the society, the global view, change in education approach as well as the use of technology in education and innovation.

With the above in mind, thinking in a new and dynamic way, the XXII General Chapter gave an invitation “to evaluate and adjust our mission of evangelization in the context of emerging realities”.

The Secretariat for Education and Evangelization in alliance with the link councillors did a lot in brainstorming the best way and approach to use in the process of reviewing this important education handbook of the Institute. A bottom-up approach was used to connect the Provincial and District leaders to create a pool of human resources using competence base approach to select experience people to the team.

This is good news for all Marist Educators because of the impact the revision will have on our services to children and young people. The first meeting of the new team took place on 25 May 2021 and was attended by the Superior General, Brother Ernesto Sanchez, who welcomed all team members and thanked them for agreeing to serve the Institute in revising the document that is at the heart of the Institute’s Mission for children and young people.

The Superior General reminded the team that “following the revision of vital documents for the Institute, such as the Constitutions and Statutes, also having the Rule of Life of the Marist Brothers, he considered the revision of important documents that follow, in line with training or mission”. He went further to say that, from now on, he appreciates the time and efforts the team will put into the task and that making way together, with cultural and linguistic diversity, is a richness, as well as a challenge. He therefore enjoined the team to embrace listening, openness, patience, and above all discerning together what the Spirit desires to inspire for the present and future of the Marist educative mission.

This team discussed the mandate given to them by Brother Ernesto and went further to plan the next steps on methodology and practicalities of the work to be done.

The members of the team are the following: Adriana Kampff (Brasil Sul-Amazônia), Amaya Espuelas (Ibérica), Br. Ángel Diego García (General Administration), Bartolomé Gil Garre (Mediterránea), Br. Ben Consigli (General Council), Ceciliany Alves Feitosa (Brasil Centro-Sul), Br. Hank Hammer (United States), Joan Palma (East Asia), John Robinson (Australia), Br. Luis Carlos Gutierrez (General Council), Br. Michael De Wass (South Asia), Br. Nchang Cho (West Central Africa), Br .Salvador Hidalgo (Compostela), and Br. Valdícer Fachi (General Administration). The team will be coordinated by Brothers Carlos Alberto Rojas and Mark Omede, directors of the Secretariat for Education and Evangelization.

More information about the team members can be found here.

All Marist of Champagnat will be carried along as the team progresses in the review process.


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