2021-06-06 BRAZIL

Volunteers of the Province of Compostela meet to relive their mission

Around thirty Marist volunteers from Compostela, who are part of the international Work-Mission Camps, met virtually in mid-May with their counterparts from Honduras, Mozambique and Zambia to relive their experience of life as volunteers and to get to know the initiatives currently being developed by SED and the Champagnat Foundation.

The meeting also served to present the Montagne Foundation and the Social Works of Compostela, and the LaValla200> programme, which aims to create international Marist communities of brothers and laypeople.

On the other hand, the meaning of the #Eco2Social label and its connection with integral ecology, advocated by Pope Francis and promoted by the Synod of Bishops for Amazonia (2019), was discussed.

The variety of participants enriched this meeting, where volunteers from 1993 shared their experiences with those from 2020. The “portuñol”, the tone of voice and the smiles were a common language that overcame linguistic barriers. Due to the pandemic, this will be the second summer without international Work-Mission Camp programmes. The Meeting reminded all volunteers that they are part of a chain of solidarity that overcomes pandemics and continues to spread life.


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