2014-09-17 KENYA

II Marist International Mission Assembly

The participants visit the youngest and largest community of the Institute. 

The morning of the second day was spent in an atmosphere of tranquility.  The central commission devoted hours in finalizing every detail.  Many of those who arrived yesterday, especially those who came in late at night, needed time to rest after their journeys. Earlier arrivals were able to enjoy visits to nearby tourist attractions or the city.

For the  Brothers and lay Marists of the II MIMA, it was a must to greet and share a few hours with the Brothers of the Marist International Centre (MIC) who constitute the largest and youngest community of the Institute.  The property is not far away from the three houses in which the participants reside. The MIC Community made up of 97 brothers, 17 of whom are formators. 17 different nationalities are represented in the Centre.  The student brothers study at the Marist International University College (MIUC) on the same campus: they come from all five  administrative units of the Marist Brothers in Africa.  The 17 formators come from 10 different nations.  The MIC community is a realisation of Marcellin's dream of being present in every diocese in the world. 


The organizers of II MIMA thank MIC

The visit to MIC was not merely social or out of interest.  It also provided an opportunity for the Coordinating Commission to officially thank the Brothers of this community for their essential support role in organising II MIMA in Nairobi. 

Tour of the facilities
Late in the afternoon, the participants were taken to MIC in two buses where, divided into small groups, they were given a guided tour of the facilities on the campus.  The young Brothers at MIC are divided into several fraternities of about 16 each accompanied by two formators.  These Brothers attend classes in MIUC which is administered by the Marist Brothers.

Then they were led with fun, dancing and drumming to the assembly hall where the meeting was started with a prayerful song invoking the Holy Spirit to enlighten the minds and hearts of the assembly. After the prayer, a young brother welcomed the Assembly with traditional "Dance of the Fire" used to welcome the king on his visits to the villages “because you are our kings and queens and we want to welcome you to our home."

Brother Lawrence Ndawala, Superior of the MIC community welcomed II MIMA on behalf of all of the Brothers of Africa and Madagascar. He expressed his joy at hosting the II MIMA on African soil and his gratitude for sharing with the Marist world "the dreams and mission that Marcellin left for us".  He concluded by urging the Assembly to "share the experience of the II MIMA with the young brothers of the MIC".  Brother João Carlos do Prado voiced words of appreciation for the cooperation of MIC in the preparation and running of the II MIMA on African soil.  He stressed the significance of this Assembly for the future of the Marist charism and mission. Brother Christian Gisamonyo concluded with a brief presentation of the presence of the Marist Brothers in Africa, a region with five administrative units and 442 Brothers.  The session concluded with a repertoire of African dances presented by the young Brothers and other students of MIUC. 

The fraternal meeting ended with a festive dinner in the dining hall of the Centre.

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