2021-05-13 GENERAL HOUSE

IX Assembly of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education

The IX Assembly of the Marist International Network of Higher Education Institutions (IHE) will take place on 18 and 19 May. The event will take place via the Zoom platform, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Brasilia time). More than 500 people are expected to participate, including leaders from 27 Marist institutions of higher education worldwide.

The decision-taking meeting is held every two years. For 2021, we have had to had to adapt the timing, format and focus of the Assembly. This year’s assembly will be virtual and will have two specific moments.

On the first day (18 May), the theme to be taken up is “What challenges and possibilities does the post-pandemic context hold for Institutions of Higher Education?” A lecture will be given by Professor Francisco Marmolejo, President of the Higher Education Division of the Qatar Foundation. His speech will open up the post-pandemic horizon, where it will be necessary to adopt strategies and actions that provide for new teaching model and rapid responses in a fast-changing epoch involving a whole-of-institution approach.

The second day will deal with issues related to the organisation of the Marist International Network of IHEs. A panel, led by Professor Alsones Balestrin, from the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos), will address the topic, “The Organisation of Networks of Institutions of Higher Education”.

Strengthening connections and re-inforcing synergy in the Marist world

Since 2004, the group of institutions that make up the Network has been looking for ways to create multilateral connections through inter-institutional communication between Marist universities. Starting from the 1st Assembly, which took place in Curitiba (PR), relationships between the representatives of the group have been based on the principles of identity, belonging, equality and active participation.

For the president of the Executive Committee, Br. Manuir Mentges, even given the physical separation and consequent adaptation to the current situation, the possibility of holding the Assembly virtually provides an opportunity to extend the invitation to more leaders from each of the universities. “The Network was born with the aim of connecting Marist institutions of higher education,” he recalls. “In 2021, we will have a moment to share our story with more representatives of the Network and strengthen our journey together”. 

There will be two days of focussed conversation on the topic, in order to achieve the objectives of this occasion of exchange and planning.

“Our purpose is to reflect on possible scenarios for higher education in the post-pandemic period,” explained Br Manuir. “During the meeting, we will also present the work plan of the Executive Committee, aimed at developing a proposal for the network to organise some common projects that are relevant to all or groups of our universities.”

All such measures and plans for enhanced interconnection are related to a new perspective of the Marist Institute, which is working towards creating networks and shared initiatives between the ministry places.

“The Marist International Network of Higher Education Institutions is a response to a network that is already a major line of action for the General Government of the Marist Institute,” Br. Manuir stressed.

Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education (IES)

The Marist International Network of IHEs currently brings together 27 institutions that – in line with the premises of the General Administration of the Institute of the Marist Brothers in Rome – are studying ways to create connections of synergy and action.

Founded in 2004, this network aims to create opportunities for collaboration, training and joint projects, enhancing our delivery of higher education in more than 10 countries.

More information about the network can be found here.


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