2013-10-18 FRANCE

La Valla, a powerful house of light

The inauguration of the La Valla house took place on 5 October, from 4 to 6.30 p.m. in fairly clement weather. About 150 persons (heads and workers of the various enterprises, architects, Brothers of France and Catalonia, friends of the Brothers and inhabitants of La Valla) took part in this beautiful gathering, marked by simplicity and fraternity. The various speakers laid emphasis on the meaning of these works of renovation for our Marist history today and tomorrow. The blessing of the house, presided over by the Vicar General of the diocese, reminded everyone that « if the Lord does not build the house, the masons work in vain. »

Thanks to a very fine slideshow and a video of high quality, everyone was able to follow the evolution of the work site and realize the work accomplished and the results obtained, the quality of which was unanimously underlined. The sharing of a toast gave concrete expression to the spirit of harmony which has reigned throughout this long undertaking : the presence of the great majority of the firms is a strong witness to the way they carried out this work and to their pride in having participated in a special and so meaningful project. On leaving, many expressed their joy and gratitude for having experienced such a moment. The material renovation is finished, but a new page in its history is beginning for « the cradle of the Institute of the Little Brothers of Mary ». Magnificat!


Brother Michel Morel

La Valla 2013 from pbp on Vimeo.

In the context of an intimate interview the brother Louis Destombes, we discover the hidden face of "La Valla". The soul of the House, his message of hope. Also the face and hands of those who have worked there. The final witness of Brother Louis, spontaneous, wonderful, inviting to look at the open horizon. The diagrams help to understand the House and its symbolic message.


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