2013-10-19 BRAZIL

« Lumen Comunicação »

The Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul » in Curitiba, has two radio stations and a centre for audio and video productions. This is « Lumen Comunicação », which has been in operation for twenty years. In part, it is an inheritance from the archdiocese ; the Province took over the ensemble following the repeated requests of the local bishop. A similar operation had taken place some years earlier regarding the Catholic University, today PUCPR. One of the stations – Lumen FM 99.5 – animates cultural and educational activities while offering a quality programme of popular music ; it is recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Brasil.

The other, « Rádio Clube » FM 101.5, is directed towards a wider and more diverse public, through music and treatment of topics important in local society, with strong audience interaction. The two stations cover a range of 150 km and reach a population of more than 3 million inhabitants.

Another initiative is « Lumen Classica » – web radio – which transmits classical music exclusively, with the support of the PUCPR.

The audio-visual productions sector caters for the educational needs of the University, the Province and the FTD publishing house. This sector also produces programmes with a religious content used by more than 200 Brasilian stations.

The team of « Lumen Comunicação » is composed of some 70 persons, with the presence of Br Lauro Pazeto. It is a way of broadening the educational and social activity, by facilitating the rapprochement of the families of the Marist institutions. You can listen to the stations at the address : http://www.lumencomunicacao.com.br


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