2021-09-03 SOUTH AFRICA

Marist from Philippine joins the Community Lavalla200> of Atlantis

Having completed her preparation and discernment “online” to join the Lavalla200> initiative, Maria Liezel Igoy, a lay Marist from the Philippines (East Asia Province) arrived in South Africa to join the Atlantis community, where Br Tony Clark (Australia), Mariana Moroñes, Denise Hernandez (Mexico) and Br Paul Bhatti (Pakistan) were waiting for her.

A Missioning Liturgy & Rite was held last August 16, 2021, to celebrate Ms. Igoy’s mission in Atlantis, Cape Town, South Africa. Ms. Maria Liezel Narciso Igoy was a high school teacher in Marist School, Marikina.

“As a volunteer, you will make a difference in the lives of the people you will live with and also grow as an individual with your Marist province in South Africa,” said Br. Dominador Santiago, Superior of East Asia Province, in his dedication message as he also extended his gratitude to Br. Edgar Ceriales, Marist Volunteer Coordinator for East Asia Province and Br. Jeff Crowe, in charge of the formation for the candidates of LaValla200> and also for preparing Ms. Igoy in the mission despite the challenges in this time of pandemic.

Br. Allan De Castro, Chair of Mission Commission of East Asia Province, emphasized Ms. Igoy’s communion with the Marist Brothers and Marist lay Mission Partners as being co-responsible with them in the Marist Mission in Cape Town, South Africa, especially to the young people and the youth on the margins.

On the other hand, Mr. John Benjamin Balatbat, School Principal of Marist Marikina, said that “she a Marist educator and instructional leader who shows quietude, internal centeredness, and goal-oriented-ness. She possesses a quiet strength that enables her to stay calm in the face of challenges and to not be easily fazed by setbacks or failures. I am quite positive she will do well in her mission in South Africa”.

Upon hearing the news, prayers and good will to bringing assistance to the young people and the youth on the margins, in places where the mission may not always be easy were sent across the virtual platform by Marists of the province.

From all the prayers, wishes, and warm messages, Ma’am Liz Igoy responded, “My heart is filled with all those preparations, messages, and presentations. I am grateful for all the love, support, faith, joy, and family spirit that I received.”


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