2022-03-26 GENERAL HOUSE

Marist Institute statistical data presented during the General Conference

During the General Conference, Brothers Josep Maria Soteras and Sylvain Ramandimbiarisoa, General Councillors, presented the statistical data on the brothers who have embraced the Champagnat charism.
The maximum number of brothers in the Marist Institute was 9,752, in 1965. Currently, the Institute has 2,610 brothers, divided by region: Africa = 452; America Sur = 418; Arco North = 561; Europe = 739; Oceania = 269; and Asia = 171.

Next, we share the reflection of Br. Benê Oliveira, Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul, on the presentation of the statistical numbers.


We are facing a time of exodus, but also a time of grace and faith

The vitality and topicality of our Global Family have motivated the Assembly of the General Conference to think, imagine and plan the Marist Consecrated Life of the present and the future. – Where will we put our energies? – What visibility will we have or how will we resume our presence among children and young people and how will we accompany them in their life projects? – What life and witness of the brothers do we want, and can we promote in the world, in the Church? There is a claim and a call to a new way of being Brothers, and new and creative ways of living the charism of Champagnat in these times, both as Brothers and as lay Marists.

We are facing a time of exodus, but also a time of grace and faith to continue passionately focusing our life/vocation/mission on following Jesus Christ as the Marian face of the Church, and with great willingness and attitudes for change, for a new beginning. The Lord wants our servant and prophetic Leadership in the current situation of the world and the Church. The Spirit needs us in the current context to continue and perpetuate the charism of Saint Marcellin, to respond to the ecclesial and social needs of our time. We are the Little Brothers of Mary of the heart of Champagnat, men of God, more fragile, middle-aged (for the most part), but without fear of embracing with confidence the reality that we have to live nowadays.

The world, the Church, the Institute, children and young people need the testimony of our dedicated and hard-working life, the gift of brotherhood, the joy of perseverance, a greater union with God in prayer and in daily life, a spirituality of heart. The future of the world and of the Church continues to belong to children and young people. What a privileged vocation we have as religious brothers, laity, educators, Marist leaders, men and women, all called to be Marists of Champagnat for current and new generations!

With the same passion and dedication to the mission that inflamed the daily life of the holy Founder, we are called today to face the future with audacity and hope! Let us stand firm in hope and in the certainty of faith that God walks before us; He will accompany us to the end, just like Mary, who “did everything between us”.

Br. Benê Oliveira, Provincial of Brasil Centro-Sul


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