2022-11-26 GENERAL HOUSE

Marist International Network promotes knowledge on Higher Education

In 2022, the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) assumed the purpose of connecting people and projects aligned with the challenges of higher education institutions. For that reason, a series of initiatives were carried out in a cooperative and articulated manner with the objective of promoting development and reflecting on innovations that can be applied in this segment.

“Throughout this year we have achieved our ideal by bringing together representatives of partner institutions, promoting meetings for collaborators in similar areas, and offering important opportunities for the training of interlocutors: directors, teachers, students and the community in general,” explains the executive secretary of the Network, João Fett.

Webinars on education and postmodernity

Among the training actions of this second semester, the webinars that made it possible to contact renowned researchers in the areas of education and postmodernity stand out. Sociologist Michel Maffesoli was the first guest of this training cycle, held on October 20. In his speech, he addressed various aspects of postmodernity, and emphasized how the changes taking place in society increasingly challenge the logic of teaching and the production of innovative solutions.

Newcastle University professor Müge Satar was the second guest speaker at the formative meetings on November 8. She spoke about virtual exchange and presented details about her research that reinforces the communicative and pedagogical aspects of multimodal interaction in online language learning and teaching, with a focus on social presence, meaning-making, instruction, task design and translanguage.

Through these initiatives developed by the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education, a list of possibilities for consolidation and growth of Marist institutions of higher education opens up.

“The network of IHE begins the development of its Strategic Planning in order to encourage interaction, discussion and knowledge of current issues of interest to the Institutions. It is necessary to consolidate a vision of interconnection in order to establish links in relation to our mission and our academic, scientific, cultural and charismatic position”, emphasizes the president of RIMES, Brother Marcelo Bonhemberger.

About the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education 

The IHE consists of the current union of 27 institutions that, in harmony with the premises of the General Administration of the Institute of the Marist Brothers in Rome, seek to create connections of synergy and action in their areas of mission.

Founded in 2004, this network aims to create opportunities for partnership, formation and joint projects, strengthening action in higher education in more than 10 countries.


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