2023-11-30 MADAGASCAR

Marist schools celebrate International Children’s Day

The Marist schools of Madagascar, which have over 10,000 students in seven schools, took advantage of the celebration of International Children’s Day to reaffirm their commitment to children’s rights, and to encourage them to become agents of change in their society. It was also an invitation to all adults – parents, teachers, politicians, religious leaders and the media – to listen to children’s voices, respect their rights, and support them in their development.

On 20th November, the Marist Schools of Madagascar organized various activities and initiatives to raise awareness of children’s rights among their students. These included drawings and texts that reflect the children’s vision and aspirations, as well as the challenges and difficulties they encounter in their daily lives. Some expressed their desire to live in a fairer, more peaceful world, more respectful of the environment and diversity. Others denounced the violence, discrimination, poverty, hunger, disease, and war that threaten their rights and their future. It’s like an invitation to defend their rights and those of other children.

In addition to the drawings and texts, sports and cultural activities to celebrate International Children’s Day were also proposed. Children took part in team games, soccer, basketball and volleyball matches, and more. These activities helped develop team spirit, fair play, cooperation, and joy of living. These activities also fostered the integration of children from different origins, cultures, religions, and languages. Children also had the opportunity to present cultural performances, such as dances, songs, poems, tales and more. They expressed the children’s feelings, hopes and dreams. In this way, they helped to strengthen the pupils’ sense of identity, belonging and creativity.


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