2023-10-19 MADAGASCAR

Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Marist International Solidarity Network

“Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground” Ex 3,5.

The Executive Committee of the Marist International Solidarity Network (RMSI) met in the city of Antananarivo, Madagascar, for its annual face-to-face meeting. The meeting took place from 2 to 6 October at the Carmelite Fathers’ house in Itaosy.

The members present at the meeting were the following: Analía Ruggeri (South America), Andrea Rossi (FMSI), Br. Ángel Diego (Solidarity Secretariat), Arsacio Soladana (translator). Br. Camille (Africa), Br. Jeff Crowe (invited by the Oceania Region), Joe Nacianceno (Asia), Mark Potterton (Africa) and Br Valdicer Fachi (invited from Cmi).

Brother Michel Maminiaina, Provincial of Madagascar, took part in the meetings for the first few days. Br Jean Aimé, also from the Province of Madagascar, helped out with all the practical aspects of the meeting.

The work of the MSIN Executive Committee focused on the objectives of the meeting, which were: to get to know the reality of the country, and the Marist presence among the children and young people of Madagascar; to review the work done as a Network, both by the Executive Committee and the 5 Working Groups; to plan together for the next Assembly, which will be held in Rome from 17 to 21 June 2024.

At the end of the meeting, the committee highlighted three steps taken:

  • The atmosphere of work and fraternity that characterised these days.
  • The review of the documents and the work carried out so far, both by the Executive Committee and the Working Groups, made the group aware of the good work that has been done and gave us ideas on how to proceed in the coming months.
  • The participants had the opportunity to get to know the Marist and social reality of the country through a talk by the Provincial, Br. Michel, and a visit to St. Champagnat school and other places in the city.
  • We worked on the next Assembly of the MSIN in June 2024, preparing what is needed beforehand, as well as organising some concrete activities to take place during the Assembly.

The committee is grateful to the brothers of Madagascar, in the person of Brothers Michel, Camille and Jean Aimé, for all their support in the running of the meeting. Their help was essential to the success of the meeting, and their fraternity was a clear sign that we are moving forward as a “global charismatic family”, as called for by the 22nd General Chapter.

The Executive Committee extends its thanks to Brothers Jeff and Fachi who have contributed their experience and wisdom on Marist solidarity issues, as well as to Brother Arsacio for his help with translation.

The group was able to see that “interdependence, rather than working in silos or independently, must be the new normal for us”. The participants thanked one another for this experience of collaboration, networking, building bridges between different realities of solidarity and Marist mission, and for being open to the light of God in our life and mission.


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