2023-02-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the International Commission of Brothers Today

The International Commission of Brothers Today met on 15-18 February at the General House in Rome. Organized by the Secretariat of Brothers Today, it was the second face to face meeting following the one held in July last year.

A good portion of the meeting was spent examining initial formation structures and processes across the various regions. Needs and challenges were named. Allocation and training of formation staff was identified as a common challenge across all regions. The alignment and consistency of formation plans both within and across regions was also discussed. It was pleasing to note that there continues to be interest in Marist life and the vocation of Brother.

Another item for consideration during the meeting was the Year of Marist Vocations. There have been many initiatives undertaken by the Administrative Units to celebrate and promote Marist life. An important point to come out of discussions was consensus that the “Year of Marist Vocations” should not be closed on June 6, but rather that this moment should be marked, and emphasis placed on continuation and movement to a new phase of “caring for and generating Marist life.”

One way to care for Marist life is provision of opportunities for renewal and on-going formation. With this in mind, the Secretariat of Brothers Today developed plans for the various programs to be offered in the coming years.

The Commission was grateful for the presence of Br Ernesto, Superior General, in the morning of the 18th. In addition to the list that follows, Brothers Óscar Martin and João Carlos do Prado, who are the link councilors with the Secretariat, also form part of the commission, as the two directors of the Secretariat Brothers Today, Brothers Ángel Medina and Lindley Sionosa.

The other members of the commission represent the different regions. They are:

  • Br Alphonse Tiamaro (Province of Madagascar – Marist International Center, Nairobi)
  • Br Ebel Muteveri (Province of Southern Africa – Marist International Center, Nairobi)
  • Br Antonio Leal (Province of Compostela – Portugal)
  • Br Fabricio Alves (Province of Brasil Centro Norte – Brasil)
  • Br Juan Carlos Bolaños (Province of Arco Norte – Guatemala)
  • Br Anselmo Kim Dong-ryeol (District of Asia – Vietnam)
  • Br Matthew Green (Star of the Sea Province – Timor-Leste)

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