2022-05-23 PORTUGAL

Meeting with the Good Mother in Fatima

On May 14 in Fatima, a meeting took place fro the Marist Family of the Province of Compostela. The pilgrimage had begun two days earlier, with hundreds of students in pursuit of the Good Mother. It was an exciting moment for the Province to recover a tradition interrupted by the pandemic, as Brother Provincial Máximo Blanco said in his opening speech.

The schools of Carcavelos and Lisbon gave a dance and orchestra performance, and various social works of the Champagnat Foundation were presented, such as the Work and Mission Camps, the Ludoteca and Ecoludoteca, and the Children’s House. Ermesinde, Vouzela and the MarCha movement were also present and everyone made this afternoon an unforgettable celebration.

As Brother António Leal said at the end of the day, nobody wanted to say goodbye, not even Mary. That is why Mary returned with each of the participants and will certainly walk beside them again next year.


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