2017-11-30 AUSTRALIA

Meetings of Oceania Council and College of Leaders

The meetings of the Oceania Council and the College of Leaders of Oceania took place in November in Brisbane, Australia. The Administrative Unit leaders took the opportunity to update the Council about the significant input and directions for Marist life and mission which had emerged from the Chapter. Among the topics they reported were the global nature and future of the Institute, the quality of community life and prayer, and the areas ofmission.

Following the deliberations about the organisation of the Institute emerging from the General Chapter the College of Leaders will hold an extended meeting in March 2018 to focus on the impact of these issues and developments on Oceania as a whole.

The network of the Financial Administrators from each of the AUs was set up as a result of a direction from the meeting of the Extended General Council in May 2017. The Network works closely with the Regional Trust Fund Board and both oversee and work with the budget for the Oceania Region. The Network will meet twice in 2018 with a view to these two bodies supporting each other and sharing best practice within the complex financial environment in which the AUs in Oceania operate. The network will also look at ways to engage with the Asia region.

The participants spoke also about the program “Edges”, that explores new areas of Marist life and mission across the region in response to the call of the Institute and Pope Francis. This initiative emerged from recommendations made to the Oceania Council following the gathering of younger brothers in January 2016. A survey of Brothers under 50 will be conducted in 2018 and a planning group will be formed to organise a gathering in January 2019.

The Oceania Partnership Commission presented its strategic plan for 2018-2020. The major areas of focus OPC over the next three years are to: provide opportunities to widen and deepen Marist spirituality andmission, develop appropriateprogrammes, provide training for local facilitators andleaders and provide opportunities to experience the wider Maristfamily.


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