2021-02-19 GERMANY

New volunteers in the Marist international youth community

Despite all the restrictions due to the pandemic time, two more volunteers have joined to the Marist international youth community (YMCC) in Mindelheim. They are Samuel Rojas from Bolivia (Province of Santa Maria de los Andes) and Samantha Sansone from United States.

Samuel Rojas

Samuel started his voluntary service on February 15. He is volunteer in the new Marist Youth House Jugendhaus, near the Cmi-office and the Marist School.  Samuel’s arrival is part of Germany’s wishes to open itself to the rest of the Marist world using also the Cmi (Collaration for Mission Internacional) volunteering system. Samuel lives in the YMCC house together with two young people.

After all the time of waiting he feels happy and realizes step by step, that his dream of doing a voluntary service becomes to be reality.

Samantha Sansone

Samantha is doing her voluntary service in a senior home in Mindelheim. She has already settled in very well and is including herself active in Marist activities taking place.

She applied for a voluntary service in Mindelheim and for accommodation at the Young Marist Cmi Community, in December 2020.

Being in Ireland for one year she has got contact to the Marists and moving to Germany she contacted Brother Michael Schmalzl and the German’s Cmi team.

Being impressed by her very positive personality, YMCC decided to support her in finding a voluntary place and offered her a place in the house.

Other Marist international youth communities are in Melbourne (Australia), Johannesburg (South Africa), Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Drummondville (Canada), Esopus (United States), and in Mexico City, in the provincial house of México Central.

Have you ever thought, as Brother, layperson, student, ex-student, of becoming a Marist volunteer? Listen to your inner voice and contact the Coordinator of Province Volunteering or the Department of Cmi (Collaboration for Mission, International) – cmi@fms.it


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