2014-12-24 EAST TIMOR

Over 400 fully qualified teachers for Timor-Leste

December each year brings news of young Teachers graduating from the Catholic Teachers’ College in Baucau, Timor-Leste. This year we received news that the entire class of final year students successfully passed their exams in order to graduated as fully qualified teachers. Their lecturers are delighted, as it means that the teaching and learning during the past semester has been excellent. It is testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of both lecturers and students. 

Students finished their studies at the beginning of November and will be back for their graduation on 21st February, 2015, before starting their professional careers. 48 of the 52 final year students are being contacted in order to start employment in Timorese schools next year. The other 4 students will be either studying overseas or have already found positions. Since being established ICFP has provided over 400 fully qualified teachers for Timor-Leste. These young professionals are really starting to make an impact on the education of young people in Timor-Leste! 


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