2023-11-06 GENERAL HOUSE

Program for Accompanying Older Brothers

From November 6th to 29th, 19 brothers from 14 provinces meet at the General House to take part in the formation program for Accompanying Older Brothers. This is a formation program offered by the Institute through the Brothers Today Secretariat and the Ongoing Formation Team, made up of Brothers Ataíde José de Lima, Michael Sexton and Xavier Barceló Maset, who accompany the participants in this course.

The objectives of this program are:

  • Develop the skills of those who already accompany our older brothers, either in dedicated residences or as members of ‘ordinary’ communities.
  • Focus on the personal and pastoral care of these brothers.
  • Help prepare those who will exercise this service in the immediate future.
  • Promote a culture of care, explore dynamics of personal and community accompaniment adapted to this age, as well as promoting a spirituality appropriate to this stage of life.

The Brothers taking part in the formation program are:

  1. Adolfo Cermeño Giraldo – AmĂ©rica Central
  2. Alberto GarcĂ­a RodrĂ­guez – Compostela
  3. Ambrosio Alonso DĂ­ez – IbĂ©rica
  4. Ángel Valle GonzĂĄlez – Norandina
  5. Auxensio Simon Dickson – África Austral
  6. Carlos GarcĂ­a Zamora – IbĂ©rica
  7. Carlos Guillermo Perales LĂłpez – MĂ©xico Occidental
  8. Eduardo Navarro de la Torre – MĂ©xico Occidental
  9. Jarbas Rodrigues de Sousa – Brasil Centro-Norte
  10. Joaci Pinheiro de Sousa – Brasil Centro-Norte
  11. JosĂ© Luis MarijuĂĄn Venero – Compostela
  12. Juan Antonio Úsar Echarri – MediterrĂĄnea
  13. Juan Pablo Gaviria Chindoy – Norandina
  14. Kevin Wanden – Star of the Sea
  15. Otalivio Sarturi – Brasil Centro-Sul
  16. SimeĂł CamprubĂ­ SalvĂł – L’hermitage
  17. Solano Bageston de Lima – Brasil Sul-AmazĂŽnia
  18. Steve Milan – USA
  19. Toni Torrelles JuvillĂ  – L’Hermitage

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