2012-01-26 COLOMBIA

Province Norandina

As in previous years, the Interprovincial Novitiate of La Valla in Medellín, Colombia, had cause to celebrate, with the first profession of Brothers Andrés Felipe Bedoya Sánchez andJames Yamit Castro Guerrero, on   Thursday, 8 December 2011. I wish to emphasize the three most important moments: the preparation, the profession and the farewell.

a) The remote preparation was the two long years of serious and hard work of the novitiate, under the motto: “Mary, mother and companion, may your fidelity inspire our commitment.”

The immediate preparation consisted of a fervent retreat ably animated by our dear Brother Pau Fornells, in the retreat house of the Eudist Fathers, in San Pedro de los Milagros.

b) For the profession, the following were present: Br Provincial, César Rojas, Br Crescenciano, Br Martín Orduz, the Brothers of Santo Domingo, and the Brother Scholastics.

Andrés was accompanied by his mother, Doña Aurora, his father, Don Mario, and his sister, Aura.

 James also had around him his mother, Doña Nelba, his father, Don Jesús, his two brothers and his cousin.

The solemn ceremony took place in the church of the Carmelite Sisters, who filled their enclosure with the harmony of beautiful hymns.

Various priest friends concelebrated and we were accompanied by former Brothers, friends of the Brothers, the Marist Fraternity, friends and neighbours, as well as catechists, children and young people of the   pastoral groups.

The ceremony proceeded according to rubrics; but the most emotive moment was when Andrés and James pronounced the solemn formula of profession, which was followed by loud applause and fraternal embraces of congratulation.  

The beautiful words pronounced by Br Andrés Felipe at the end of the ceremony were received with ringing applause by all those present.

After the religious ceremony, all were invited to the Novitiate house to toast the new Little Brothers of Mary.

c) The farewell tribute to the families and newly professed took place the following day, with songs, poetry and speeches. We also took advantage of the Indian summer San Pedro has provided in these days, for a tour of the beautiful eastern Antioquia.

Three tourist spots attracted our attention: El Peñol, Guatapé and the   convent of the Benedictine Fathers.

Thank you, Lord, for this double blessing for the Province of Norandina, in the persons of Brothers Andrés and James.

Br José Manuel Gómez



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