2010-12-29 FIJI

Province of New Zealand

The first teaching Marist Brothers came to Fiji in 1888. Their task was to teach the children of European settlers. Yet, by the turn of the century, they had opened two schools for native Fijians and one for the Indian population in Suva, who had until then no opportunity available to them for education. Since 1888 the brothers have taught in Suva, Cawaci, Naililili, Wairiki, Napuka and Savarekareka.In 2011 there remain five Marist Brothers in Suva, with five educational institutions: one secondary school, two primary schools, a special needs vocational school and a kindergarten. These schools come under the auspices of the Fiji Marist Brothers Trust Board and are strengthened by a strong core of dedicated Champagnat Marist men and women.


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