2010-12-30 MEXICO

Querétaro – December 2010

On 3, 4 and 5 December, the third meeting of former Brothers of Mexico took place in Querétaro. Some 65 took part coming from the Federal District, Guadalajara, different towns of Michoacán, Monterrey, and Querétaro, with a representation from Texas, USA. Together with wives and children, we numbered 100. Our objectives were: to revitalise our lives in Marist spirituality; to socialise and rejoice in our friendship and the formation received; to see the possibilities of continuing to form further Marist Family groups in the places we are. Some of those attending wanted to sleep in the cells of San Javier and re-experience the life of the good times of the Scholasticate. Cells with their little table, chair, cupboard? just as in our time. As well as fraternal socializing, we discussed different topics presented to us. The first address was from Br. Fernando Mejía, former Provincial of México Central. He spoke to us about the XXI General Chapter, and the present and future of the Congregation, as well as the identity of the Lay Marist, the importance of the spiritual life and the Marist mission. A second address was delivered by Br. Jorge Carvajal, in charge of the Lay Marists of México Central. His dynamic presentation consisted of round tables where we talked about the notable aspects of our Marist life as trainees or as Brothers. Interesting observations arose which we might summarise as follows: We all bear within the Marist stamp which we received from the Brothers who formed us. We have a variety of apostolates, but wherever we exercise them we do it a lo marista. We are animated by devotion to Mary and to Father Champagnat. We feel today like A FAMILY, and our intention is to form groups of fraternities, wherever we are, in order to continue growing in spirituality, fraternity, and the lay apostolate. The third address came from Reynaldo Manero. He told us about the Champagnat Movement in México and in the world. He offered us interesting statistics, reminded us of the beginnings of the Champagnat Movement, the first fraternities in México with the animation of Br. Basilio, and presented different examples of structures and objectives pursued in the mission. I have to emphasise that the meals also were converted into round working tables, since around them we commented on the points raised, enriched by personal experiences and testimonies of the lay apostolate. Our prayer times and the Eucharist were marked by the emotion produced in us by singing again the Salve Regina, the Sub tuum praesidium, or the Ever forever to our Good Mother. At the close of the meeting, we reaffirmed our commitment to continue meeting to fortify our friendship, remember our mission as lay Marists, study the documents of the Institute and be a Marist presence in parishes and in society. Our intention is to encourage the creation of Marist Fraternities in the different towns where we are.__________Reynaldo Manero (Bro. Ray)


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