2023-01-28 GUATEMALA

Regional Assembly of Arco Norte

The councils of the six Northern Arc Administrative Units are meeting in Guatemala, January 27-31. The Region of Arco Norte is composed of the provinces of the United States, México Central, México Occidental, Norandina, América Central and the District of Canada. The theme of the meeting is “Caring and Generating Marist Life.

The assembly has as objectives:

  • Get to know each other personally and recognize each other as a regional community
  • Dialogue on the reality of our region
  • Seek collaboration and synergy between the different teams
  • Approval of operational strategies of the regional teams.

Together with the superiors and councils of the administrative units, Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Vicar General, João Carlos do Prado and Ken McDonald, General Councillors for the liaison with Arco Norte, are also present; the different coordinators who make up the Regional Council, the executive secretary of the América Sur Region, and those in charge of communications for the Provinces of Central America and Western Mexico are also present.

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