2023-01-28 GUATEMALA

Regional Assembly of Arco Norte

The councils of the six Northern Arc Administrative Units are meeting in Guatemala, January 27-31. The Region of Arco Norte is composed of the provinces of the United States, MĆ©xico Central, MĆ©xico Occidental, Norandina, AmĆ©rica Central and the District of Canada. The theme of the meeting is “Caring and Generating Marist Life.

The assembly has as objectives:

  • Get to know each other personally and recognize each other as a regional community
  • Dialogue on the reality of our region
  • Seek collaboration and synergy between the different teams
  • Approval of operational strategies of the regional teams.

Together with the superiors and councils of the administrative units, Brothers Luis Carlos GutiĆ©rrez, Vicar General, JoĆ£o Carlos do Prado and Ken McDonald, General Councillors for the liaison with Arco Norte, are also present; the different coordinators who make up the Regional Council, the executive secretary of the AmĆ©rica Sur Region, and those in charge of communications for the Provinces of Central America and Western Mexico are also present.

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