2021-03-03 CôTE DIVOIRE

SED promotes access to water in Bouaké

One of the latest projects that the NGO of the Marist Brothers of Spain, SED, has been developed in the Ivory Coast has been aimed at promoting access to drinking water in the city of Bouaké, in line with Sustainable Development Goal No. 6.

Thanks to the intervention of the Saint Marie Parish and the Marist Brothers of Bouaké, the plight of the needy came to the attention of SED last year, which also obtained the support of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation, without which it would not have been possible to carry it out.

The well is now fully operational. It is estimated that it will be able to serve a very large number of people who until now have been supplied with water without any guarantee or sanitary control in the neighbourhood of La Zona.

The phases of the project, supervised by the Bouaké brothers, are shown in this video.

SED (Solidarity, Education, Development) is a non-profit, non-governmental development organisation (NGO) of the Marist Brothers of Spain. It works mainly promoting the Right to Education in Africa and Latin America as well as in some Asian and European countries. In Spain it works in the field of Education for Development and Social Advocacy.


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