2023-11-14 SPAIN

The team of European Marist Youth meets to schedule international gatherings

The European Marist Youth Team (EJEM) held its first meeting of the 2023/2024 academic year, from November 3 to 4, at the Marist house of XaudarĂł, in Madrid (Spain). Young Marists from Greece, Portugal and Spain participated, accompanied by the European team of youth ministry. On other occasions a young woman from Italy has also participated.

The meeting – the first of three scheduled gatherings – was an opportunity to perform different services in favor of young Marists throughout Europe. It  was formally carried out the evaluation of the International Meeting of Marist Youth: “Into the Deep”.

Likewise, there were evaluated the “Marist Fest” and the “World Youth Day”. It was also considered the level of commitment of young people – to continue improving pastoral action from the Marist Europe Region, and the Institute in general.

Likewise, it was started the planning and preparation of the MARCHA meeting with a view to 2024, in august; the 2025 jubilee announced by Pope Francis; the next MARCH meeting in 2026; and WYD 2027.

In addition to the projects outlined, the young people feel the need to deepen the following of Jesus, for themselves and the rest of the young people who participate in the Marist Youth Ministry (MYM).

The next “EJEM” work meeting has been called for February 3 and 4, in Barcelona, Spain.


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