2020-07-21 LEBANON

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Meet Our Team!


Brother Esteban Ortega, FMS

Community Member

Cilleruelo De Arriba, Spain

The mission of Fratelli is all about… 
maintaining a space for kids and people where they can grow and live comfortably.

Favorite program or part of the day:
 the prayer and social time in the community.

One Arabic word/phrase everyone should know:
Tosbaho 3ala Kher – تصبحون على خير – Have a peaceful night.

Manos Unidas Supplies Fratelli Humanitarian Aid Project 2020

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, long-time partner and supporter Manos Unidas generously provided funds to purchase a second round of essential humanitarian aid supplies. Fratelli was able to support over 500 Syrian and Christian Lebanese families with items such as cleaning supplies, olive oil, boxed milk, and more! The current pandemic has triggered a massive economic and political crisis in the country plunging more families below the poverty lines. As inflation rates rise (currently Lebanese has the 3rd highest inflation rate in the world) so do prices on everyday essentials such as diapers, food, gas, and more. Fratelli and Manos Unidas remain committed to proving resources during these difficult times. If you are interested in supporting this work please click the link below “SUPPORT FRATELLI” to give today.

Fratelli’s year-long ground-breaking renovation project has almost come to a close. The month of July with mark the completion of the final touches of Fratelli. A few of the highlights of the remodeling are: new paint, brand new classrooms, green spaces, a freshly renovated kitchen for the community, a computer classroom, and a paved parking lot -Fratelli is glowing from the inside out! We are excited to share more of the renovations on our social media pages, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more!


Nachat Sayfi نشاط صيفي

After a period of no programs or students, Fratelli is slowly starting to re-open starting with its summer program Nachat Sayfi. Nachat Sayfi works with students already enrolled in the Lebanese school system and focuses on helping to keep students’ academic skills sharpened over the summer while providing students a place to play and learn with special summer activities. Students have enjoyed basketball, football, mandala making, dance parties, and more! Check out the video below to see some the educational content our BP teachers have been creating, featuring Fra Fra!



What’s Happening in Bourj Hammoud

The Bourj Hammoud staff celebrated the end of a successful year with a staff outing to Balakline for a day of hiking and waterfall chasing.

This summer Fratelli will also be saying goodbye to our three long-term Lasallian Volunteers: Emily Redfern (USA), Sebastian Loustauna Molina (Mexico), and Maroun Azzam (Australia). All three have worked tirelessly to promote the mission of Fratelli and to ensure the success of our students and families. After Fratelli Emily will be returning to the U.S. to complete a dual Masters Degree Program in Boston, Sebastian will be returning to Mexico to complete his undergraduate Law degree, and Maroun will be continuing his volunteer experience back home in Australia. Fratelli wishes them the best of luck in their next endeavors, and we can’t wait for them to come back and visit again soon!
Fratelli is excited to announce a partnership with HDYTAK. An online shopping forum where for every personal purchase HDYTAK will make a small donation to an NGO of your choice.

Just remember to search and select ‘Fratelli’ when you check out!


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This month all donations will go towards supporting Fratelli’s Nachat Sayfi Summer Program. Thank you for your support!



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