KUYA CENTER….re-building a new home

KuyaDear Friends of Kuya – I pen these words from Manila where, with your help and friends here, I am completing the new Kuya Center Project. This project has engaged all of us these past few years – from the purchase of the property, the planning of the new, the demolition of the old and now like a beautiful butterfly unfolding its wings the spanking new Kuya Center. While these recent days have been exciting ones preparing with the help of good friends the building and its contents, it has especially been a great relief to know we have in Kuya’s new director Brother Luc Boudreault SC a man of exceptional organizing skills, devotion to street children and good humour.

Brother Luc is a Sacred Heart Brother. These brothers were founded in France at about the same time as my Marists. Our founding fathers were classmates! Luc is French Canadian and has been in the Philippines fifteen years. He brings an outstanding experience of having worked, not only with street kids here, but also in Chile. I am sure he will be outstanding in the re-start of our new Kuya.

My sincere thanks go to the Sacred Heart Brothers for their generosity in offering a man of such spirituality, talent, experience and calibre as Luc. THANKS BROTHERS. Kuya has now a nice and adequate house but it will be Brother Luc, his staff and the kids who will make it a home.

Opening Date: The Board has tentatively set Saturday 6th October as the re-opening of Kuya. The date should be confirmed by the end of July.

I will send a page of photos with this newsletter and you can see for yourself how your generous

donations have been spent. I hope you are happy as I am. We still have a few challenges. While the laundry and kitchen are now being installed with funds from Australia we have a blow-out on the fire sprinkler system the costing for which has gone from AUD 14,000 to AUD 39,000 due to more strict fire regulations. It is all for the kids safety so we must comply. We continue our appeal to you and your friends.

CREDIT CARD DONATIONS: Credit card donations can be made via Mrs. Paula McLoughlin MAPS Office Tues to Thurs – (07) 3137 1960

Bro. Paul Murphy


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