Matola Noviciate Community in Manhica

hspace=5Today the 9th of July, we had a picnic as a Matola Noviciate Community and this time we choose Manhica as our destination point. We had fore-planned to visit the Sugar factory, the Marist School and the Patrol station run by the Brothers.

Upon our arrival at the factory office gate, Brother Angel Mansoa had a long chat with the proper authorities explaining the purpose of our visit. At the end we learned that there was communication break down and the Director was not informed of our visit and beside that the factory roads were made impassible due to the heavy rains of the previous day. We took the situation very positively and look forward for a better day to realize our dream. Of course Brother Norbert kept the group alive by narrating laughter-provoking stories.

On our way to and fro Br. Simeon had an experience of being stopped by the police. At first they asked if he had a space in the bus to give a lift to one of their officers who was heading the same direction, unfortunately there was non. On the way back he was asked to which organization the minisbus belongs and when he was told that it belongs to a church organization it marked the end of the story.

Then came the turn of visiting the filling station. Brother Pedherino was kind enough to take us around and we had time to ask questions. he briefly told us that although the filling station does not show much our Charism but it supports it by financing our three schools in the sector, namely:Bilene, Nivava and Manhica itself. He said that he landed there after the death of Brother David and Christiano and has been there now for a year and a half. Soon after the first Novices Mathias and Vincent both decided to lose the group as they wanted to have a good view of Manhica without a guide and telling anybody of their whereabouts. They got lost and asked someone who misguided them further of our where abouts. Only when Simeon returned as he was buying soft drinks for the day occasioned them to be connected to the group from the wandering adventure.

The Last part was the school where Brother Joao explained to us it background and what Brothers do there. He said at the moment he is alone and is helped by lay teachers, among who is the Precious Blood Sister. We could not talk to the studnets who were busy writng their end of term exams. They looked very happy and some were waving to us as we were passing from one class to another.

On the way back Simeon learrned that competitive driving does not save lives. He was trying to compete with a hired driver who is used to the roads here and decided to overtake two vehicles at a blind corner. A younger boy at the back of an open pick-up warned him of an on-coming car and he positively responded to the advice of a good Samaritan and averted a head-on collision.

Novices Samson and Tererai taught us the importance of prayer before and after the journey. Brother Angel Mansoa taught us to pay a Visit to the Blessed Sacrament upon arrival home. Vincent and Mathias learned that communication is assential when in a big group to avoid getting lost even in a small town like Manhica.

Brother Pedrinho taught us that we can engage in filling station business to raise money to sponsor some of our establishments. Brother Joao taught is that to understand the present better it is wise to go back to the beginnings. Brother Antonio Pisco taught us that it is wise to sacrifice a pinic to keep the house. Simeon learned that competitive driving is dangerous and not safe. Brother Joao of Maputo Community taught us the lesson of showing others our academic achievements is good too in life.

Our Master, Brother Norbert taught us that it is good from time to time to demonstrate the joy bubbling in our hearts through dancing. It was a day to rest, relax and enjoy ourselves. The experiences of the day will always be better lessons for us all and we thank our Good Lord to have allowed us to go through them in this day.
Simeon Banda, fms.


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