2024-03-06 MALAWI

Child Safeguarding Workshop Lavalla200> Malawi Community

Lavalla200> community of Malawi organized a vital workshop focused on child safeguarding. Recognizing the significance of ensuring a safe environment for the youth in Malawi, Brother Emmanuel Mwanalirenji-Gunduloni, the Provincial of Southern Africa, alongside Brother Fortune Chakasara, orchestrated this initiative. The workshop aimed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to effectively work with vulnerable adults and children, fostering a secure atmosphere for teaching and learning, particularly within Likuni Open School. The workshop highlighted the importance of child safeguarding in the context of mission work among youth in Malawi.

With vulnerable populations being particularly susceptible to various forms of exploitation and abuse, it was imperative to provide comprehensive training to community members involved in educational setting. By enhancing their understanding of child safeguarding principles and practices, the workshop sought to empower participants to create safe spaces where children and vulnerable adults could thrive and grow without fear of harm or exploitation.

Participants explored into the foundational aspects of working with vulnerable adults, understanding the motivations behind their involvement, the methodologies employed, and the objectives pursued (Why, How, and What). This introspective exploration provided a framework for informed and purposeful engagement with vulnerable populations.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect of child safeguarding involves drawing boundaries and recognizing the signs of sexual abuse. Through comprehensive discussions and educational sessions, participants were equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries, as well as identifying and responding effectively to instances of sexual abuse.

How to “Respond to God’s Call through Ministering to Children and Vulnerable Adults” was also discussed. This topic explained the spiritual dimension of engaging with vulnerable students, emphasizing the sacred calling to serve and protect the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society. By aligning their actions with divine purpose, participants were encouraged to approach their work with a sense of reverence, compassion, and humility. Addressing cultural misconceptions surrounding childhood was also paramount in redefining perceptions and attitudes towards children within the community. By challenging preconceived notions and stereotypes, participants gained a deeper appreciation for the diverse manifestations of childhood and the inherent dignity and rights of every child.

The Child Safeguarding Workshop organized by Lavalla200> Malawi community represented a significant step towards ensuring the holistic well-being and protection of children and vulnerable adults in Malawi. By equipping participants with the requisite knowledge, skills, and awareness, the workshop laid the groundwork for the establishment of safe and nurturing environments where individuals could flourish and thrive. Moving forward, it is imperative to continue prioritizing child safeguarding efforts and fostering a culture of accountability, responsibility, and compassion within the community. Through sustained commitment and collective action, Lavalla200 Malawi community can serve as a beacon of hope and empowerment for future generations, embodying the principles of justice, dignity, and love for all.

The community LaValla200> of Malawi is made up of two Brothers (Frédéric Nadji Ngarsandje from Chad and Dièudonnè Byenda from Rwanda) and two Marist laywomen (Maggie Virginia Gundo from Malawi and Maria Liezel Igoy from the Philippines).


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