2023-05-23 MEXICO

First Course of ” Maristización ” for lay people

More than 50 lay Marists from the Province of México Occidental participated in the Course “Maristization” (Becoming Marist), which took place from April 21 to 23, at the facilities of Spacio La Valla, in the city of Guadalajara, organized by the team of the “Lay Vocational Animation” area.

The training which is the first of the two stages that make up the Maristization Course had the objective of training all the laity (work collaborators, personnel from the province’s facilities, members of the MCFM, alumni, among others) interested in living a process of reflection and discernment of the call to follow Jesus in the style of Mary, according to the charism of Champagnat.

In his opening message, the Provincial of México Occidental, Br. Luis Enrique Rodríguez Santana, encouraged all attendees to let themselves be moved by the Spirit, and to continue caring for and generating Marist life, all of this in tune with the Year of Marist Vocations.

For his part, Br. Fernando L. Alberto López Hernández, head of the Nucleus of Marist Charism and Life, and provincial councilor, recalled the importance of participating in the “Maristización” Course, not from the role of collaborator of any of the Marist works and to enrich their work but from a personal decision to discern the response that we can give to the call that God makes us to be full and happy.

The area of Lay Marist Vocation in charge of Br. Eduardo Brondo, Abigail Ruiz, Mónica León and Alfredo Rodríguez, seeks to guide all those who want to know more about the life, work and spirituality that God gives us through Saint Marcellin Champagnat; and they want to join the Marist Institute in a more formal way.

During this first course, the path of reflection began around the axes of Jesus, Mary, Champagnat and the person.


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