2020-11-09 CôTE DIVOIRE

FMSI project contributes to Marist solidarity in Bouaké

The “Saint Marcellin Champagnat” school in Bouaké, Ivory Coast, now has a new infirmary, thanks to the project promoted by FMSI and the donation of the German association “Verein Maristen Solidarität International“, whose contribution has been used to purchase new nursing equipment and to renovate the existing structure.

The infirmary will serve the school community of 1,315 students in the nursery, primary and secondary schools, and 64 teachers who are part of the teaching staff.

Through the health centre, the “Saint Marcellin Champagnat” school will improve the quality of life of its students, and will also be a health centre for the local community.

The implementation of this project aims to respond to the need to care for sick students and prevent illness at school, especially in this time of coronavirus.

The nurse works in collaboration with the Association of local doctors and nurses who take turns providing medical services at the school.


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