2013-06-01 MALAWI

Inclusive education

Good attempt in inclusive education approach at Likuni Boys Secondary School, Malawi. Hearsays have always said that our educational approach had been gender bias for years since the era of missionaries. Our internal students here come on merit from far places and the poor students from around were always shut out because of not reaching the pass mark. Of late we are attempting an inclusive education free from what we call gender bias. That is why you see among the Night School students, some girls featuring these days. It is a new move and the results are already positive.

The Malawian culture for a long time had favoured boys education than girls. Majority of women of my age feature more in domestic category. So an inclusive education we have now initiated is meant to empower women to. Any person visiting our institutions in Malawi, except Marist Secondary School, which still caters for boys only, will see this change. We have numbers not easy to count and marking their work still remains a challenge we face.

Will going in haste to day school be another direction we have to take in the coming years especially in the cities? Only time will tell. I see suggesting but remaining open will be a better option.

These boys and girls, and even some working adults are the most neglected in our nation and giving attention to them, will be fulfilling the wish of our Founder.


Simeon Banda, FMS, Likuni, Malawi


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