2022-03-15 GENERAL HOUSE

General Conference: Intuit and generate the best possible future

General Conference

We have sat around the tables to dialogue, share, encourage each other, listen, and discern

Br. Hipólito Pérez – Arco Norte Region

Two years ago, on these same dates, the meeting of provincials with the General Council came to a hasty end. The pandemic and its devastating effects became a complex reality that we had to face, united with all of humanity. From that moment on, we have experienced very painful, difficult, and devastating situations, which have affected our entire existence and daily life.
With decision and taking risks, the General Council has called us again, to carry out the General Conference, located in the middle of the road from one General Chapter to another.

We have met again as brothers, it has been a very deep, significant, and emotional moment. We have sat around the tables to dialogue, share, encourage each other, listen, and discern.

The General Conference invites us to “look beyond”, almost 200 years later, in the same way that Marcellin Champagnat and the first community of brothers contemplated from the mountains the valley bathed by the Gier, and they intuited the living space where they would build L’Hermitage. Br. Ernesto Sánchez, S.G. in his opening words he challenged us to live this event developing a sensitive, prophetic, global, integrating, and hopeful look. That is, to intuit and generate, in tune with the breath of the Spirit and in response to our world, the best possible future for Marist life and mission at this moment in our history.
This American legend expresses in a symbolic way what we yearn for as Marist leaders, looking beyond…

It is about an Indian tribe camped since time immemorial at the foot of a great mountain. His chief, seriously ill, calling his three sons, tells them: «Go up to the holy mountain. Whoever brings me the most beautiful gift will succeed me as chief». One of the sons brought him a rare and beautiful flower. The other handed him a beautiful multicolored stone. The third tells the father: “I don’t bring anything. From the top of the mountain, I could see wonderful meadows and a crystal-clear lake on the other side. I was so impressed that I couldn’t bring anything; but I am obsessed with this new designation for our tribe.” And the old chief replied: “You will be the chief because you have brought me as a gift the vision of a better future for our tribe.”

The itinerary of these days has flowed with great authenticity, fraternity and passion. We have addressed the following contents: retaking the calls of the XXII General Chapter, reviewing our style of government and deepening the areas of the Marist laity and our vocation as brothers.
With a time for synthesis, silence and retreat, from the incitement of “hands to be brothers”: what is touching my heart, my vocation as a brother and at the service of the Province, the care of myself…, we have concluded this first week of road.


Br. Hipólito Pérez – Provincial of Central America and Coordinator of the Arco Norte Region


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