Project Fratelli

Project Fratelli in Maicao, Colombia

The Fratelli project was created in 2016 in Lebanon by the congregations of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Marist Brothers to try to respond to the urgent, emerging needs of the most vulnerable children and young people (see here). It assists mainly Syrian and Iraqi children displaced by the wars in the Middle East.

The project works in two educational centres:

1. Fratelli Rmeileh, located in the old «Collège de Notre Dame de Fátima»  in Rmeileh – Saida, 30 kilometres south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Activities began in March 2016 and, since then, the project has been assisting Syrians with different children’s programs (Preschools, educational support, Basic Learning Programs and youth groups). It also develops activities for young people and adults (sewing, cooking, English and computer-skills).

2. Fratelli Bourj Hammoud, located in  the “Société de Saint Vincent de Paul” building in the city of Bourj Hammoud, in the metropolitan region of Beirut. Since December 2016 it has developed activities with young Iraqi refugees and Lebanese children. 

The permanent community of Fratelli is composed of Marist and De la Salle Brothers, Lay people and other volunteers who live in the centre of Rmeileh. It is an Inter-congregational, Intercultural and international community. In the summer, other volunteers, coming from different countries join the Community to work on specific programs. A team of experienced Lebanese educators collaborates in the development of the project.  

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