2023-07-07 SPAIN

Meeting of the members of the preparatory commission for MIMA III

During the week of 25th June to 01st July 2023, the members of the preparatory commission for the III Marist International Mission Assembly (MIMA) met at the Marist house of El Escorial (Madrid-Spain).

The aim of the team meeting was to continue to develop the work of planning the assembly, which has been carried out online since February. The preparatory commission is made up of brothers and lay people from the various regions of the Institute*.

The Mission Assemblies, as stated in article 119.3 of the Constitutions, are an opportunity to share experiences, listen to realities, discern priorities, and propose guidelines and even strategies for Marist life and mission at the global level. Champagnat Marists, brothers and lay people committed to the Marist mission participate in them.

So far, two Mission Assemblies have taken place: one in 2007 in Mendes (Brazil) with the theme: ‘One Heart One Mission’ and in 2014 in Nairobi (Kenya) with the theme: ‘New Marists in Mission’.

The next assembly will be held from 8th to 14th April 2024 in El Escorial (Spain) under the theme: “We are Global Family”.

The mission assemblies foresee a previous work of preparation and a subsequent analysis of conclusions, at the level of the administrative units, provinces, and districts and at the regional level, so that the richness of this experience is not limited to a small number of participants, but can be a space for dialogue, reflection, and growth for all those Marists of Champagnat committed to the mission throughout the Marist work.

The preparatory commission for the III Marist International Mission Assembly (MIMA) intends to take advantage of the Institute’s means of communication so that the information, the message, and the experience of this assembly can reach the greatest number of interested people, so we will soon be sharing the channels through which you can be updated.


*MIMAIII Preparatory Commission:

José Sånchez Bravo and Niño Pizarro (Secretariat of Education and Evangelization), Br. Angel Diego García (Secretariat of Solidarity), Br. Alejandro Mena (Province of Ibérica), Mrs. Mónica Villacís (Province of Norandina), Mrs. Fåtima Rodríguez (Province of Brasil Centro-Norte), Mrs. Socorro Alvarez, (Province of México Central), Br. Maurice Juvence (Madagascar), Br. Fernando Sasmika (South Asia), Mr. Mark Elliott (Province Star of the Sea), and Mr. Francisco Javier Llamas (Champagnat Global).


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