2021-12-01 GENERAL HOUSE

Program on Spirituality and Interiority: Caring for life, caring for God

The Program on Spirituality and Interiority began on November 15, Monday, for Group A and November 16, Tuesday, for Group B. With more than 250 brothers and lay men and women having enlisted to participate, this online program will run for 6 weeks and with 120 minutes per session.

Following the success of the MidLife/Senderos Program in August-September 2021 with the same theme, “Caring for life, caring for God”, the program invites participants to reflect on the theme of spirituality and interiority in the light of the 22nd General Chapter and the circular Homes of Light by Br. Ernesto Sanchez

It will also be venue to share learnings and to offer paths that will help us to answer the questions that Brother Ernesto suggested: What is my thirst? What is my spiritual quest today? What concrete means do I use to quench my thirst for God?

Furthermore, the participants will have the opportunity to practice meditation or contemplative prayer as a means to connect with our centre.

The Program on Spirituality will be developed in the following manner:
  • Session 1: Theme: “Spirituality and interiority” (Br. Josep Maria Soteras).
  • Session 2: Theme: “Body and spirituality” (Elena de Andrés, Laywoman)
  • Session 3: Contemplative prayer practice. Theme: “Treasure and Witness: Spirituality for the mission” (Br. Luis Carlos Gutiérrez)
  • Session 4: Contemplative prayer practice. Theme: “Mary, inspirer of a spirituality that cares for life”. (Br. Ernesto Sánchez)
  • Session 5: Contemplative prayer practice. Theme: “Towards a contemplative practice in challenging times” (Br. Ken McDonald)
  • Session 6: Contemplative practice. Theme: “Compassion and non-violent communication” (Br. Joe Walton).

Group A participants attend the Monday session at 2 PM, Rome time; while those in Group B are in the Tuesday session at 9 PM, Rome time. The last meeting, session 6, will be on December 20 and 21. The idea of having 2 groups is in consideration of the different time zones. In this way, the participants can choose which time is more favorable for them.

The Program on Spirituality and Interiority is directed by the On-Going Formation Team composed of Br. Antonio Peralta, Br. Joe Walton, Br. Joaquim Sperandio and Br. Teofilo Minga.


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